Sunday, October 31, 2010


My mind is so complicated now. I guess I get affected by the "trend" now. Those emo feeling really killing me. It can make me drop tears out of the sudden with or without any reason.

Mummy said, if I felt unhappy, please tell her. Don't kept everything inside the heart.

Sometime I have no idea what am I thinking of. Everything seems to be unclear. Out of sudden, I remember someone told me before that [A] is not trusted. And without any doubt, I denied it that [A] is not. Why? Because I TRUST. I trust with all my heart. Without any doubt till now. 

Things make me changed. Wondering now, should I continue to remain silent or should I go ahead for it? I knew which is the right way I supposed to do, but just that I don't wanna do so. Just because of 1 word, TRUST. Some of my friends said that I'm too kind or so-called it as "stupid". Hmmm, whatever.

I trust you with all my heart no matter what people says about you. Please show me that you're trustable.

***Today is Sunday. As usual having class on this day. Finally, Corporate Finance assignment was out by today. Thank god. This was a group work assignment. Hopefully we can did it well. Good luck everyone. :)

I don't want to ask, because I trust...
I'm still waiting for your promised...

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