Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Started to fall in love with Sam Tsui.

Morning everyone. Woke up around 9am today. Don't know why I woke up SO EARLY at this time because I slept around 2am yesterday. Supposingly I should wake up around 12pm I guess? LOL >"<~!

I have no idea why I got a sense of feeling that someone will SMS me today, and yet, it was true. Wow. My 6th sense was so accurate yea? Once I woke up, I check my phone SMS, then I can't fall asleep back again. LOL -.-

Usually I will switch off my handphone before I went to bed. But for yesterday I did not did that. Hmmm... And so, once I woke up, keep playing computer non-stop. HAHAHA -.- Okay, I admit, this is me. Ehem, No Computer No Life. HAHAHA!! x]


Well, back to topic, I found out him, Sam Tsui. He is a Chinese American musician and Internet celebrity who rose to fame on YouTube. He has an amazing voice! OMG, I started to fall in love with him! I kept listening his songs non-stop now! ♥~

Too bad, it's quite hard find his songs in Kuwo or either Kugou. I guess only 1 song there. Sigh. And so, I listened his songs through YouTube. Can't stop listening! Nice~ By the way, he's so HANDSOME! RARW... ♥~

I love these few songs. Sharing to all of you. There are more in Youtube. Enjoy! :)

Love The Way You Lie- MASHUP..
This's the song that I love the most!

DJ Got Us Falling In Love
I like the original version too, and so as this too.
Don't Want An Ending..

I prefer this version more than the original version.
His voice is really amazing..

Medley.. Original song sang by Michael Jackson.
OMG, this song was really amazing!!!
Nice!! Nice!! Nice!!

You're amazing.
Support you!

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