Thursday, October 21, 2010


19102010 is a happy day. I went out with one of my primary friend, Amy. Enjoy it to the max. I can't describe those feeling, it's just awesome. ♥

We had a lot of fun although it's just a 5 hours "dating". I miss her so much. I'm eager and waiting for the next "dating" with her. Yea, she booked me already. Anyone who wanna date me out, sorry, I'm not available at the moment. HAHAHA!! xD

Within 5 hours, we took about 200++ photos. Wow! Amzing! Hahahaha! Well, let's make it short and sweet. It's time to post those pictures up, enjoy. :)

Jojo Little Kitchen 

This shop we went is located at Cheras Mahkota. It was famous with Pan Mee.
And it was really nice. Yummy. ♥
Enjoying her Soya Bean
Focus on her finger nails.
Natural pose. =)
Amy's Pan Mee. 
Soya Bean
Spicy Herbal Chicken Pan Mee.
This is real delicious. You should go try it. ♥
RM7 per bowl. 
I can't live without chili's.
Especially the left one, I ate 4 "plates" of it. ♥
Chili's sauces
With her, photos will be taken non-stop. xD
I miss YOU. ♥
2 cameras. 
One is my handphone, another was my camera. :)
Good. :)

Gosh, I don't know why I followed her pose.
Those waiter thought we were gone crazy. 
I know you, is the greatest blessing from god. :)



While drinking my water. Hahaha..xD

Chat, chat and chat.... Snap, snap and snap at Jojo little Kitchen there. Crazy!! HAHAHAHA!! Then headed to Cheras Selatan Jaya Jusco for a movie. Wheee~ Later on, went to OldTown for chit-chatting and photosnap session. Heeehe~ ♥.. Enjoy~ :)

Old Town Menu~

While ordering~

She took my camera and non-stop snapping photo! x]

See, again~!


Nice one! :)

We watch Reign of Assassins~
Amy cried 3 times inside the cinema~!! >"<~!!
Wahahaha~!!! xD

She asking for help. 
Anyone willing to help her? HAHAHAH!! ^^!!

My chocolate enrich. Yummy!
I love chocolate! =)

Adding ice.

The Kaya and butter toast bread I ordered.

Eating bread. I like this pic though. =)


Quite natural yea? Hahaha..

RAR~ Bread~

Chocolate is the best drink. I supposed.

She asked me took.

Kissing the bread. x]

Same face 1

Same face2

With flash..

Amy, 8 years of friendship.
And I cherish it, thanks for being my friend. =)

I'm eager for the next dating with YOU. ♥

Hahahaha, her yellow PAINT on her fingernails. x]


The last picture we took.
Amy, I miss YOU. =)

Your laughter bright up my day.
Seriously, I MISS YOU so much.

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