Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Singapore Trip 2

I now shall continue my Singapore Trip 2. Sorry for the late. And enjoy it ya! :)

Took this photo at Marina Bay Sands there. Focus on the top of the building. See it? Yea, it was a ship on top of the building. Awesome and creative! Nice one! :)

This was the Marina Bay Sands. I don't think this was a river la. It was a sea I guess. LOL -.- 

The black black thingy is called A World United. Hmmm, be frank, I don't found any attractive for this statue. -.-

This was the sign for the "A World United" statue. Well, I did not read this and so, I don't know what's really about it. Hmmmm...

My auntie and Auntie Amy.

My brother and Uncle Bertron.

Seriously, I feel that people who likes to take photograph, always like to take non-living things. Ehem, and so as me too. xP

Yea, this was Vanessa. A friendly and cute girl. HAHA. By the way, what a pose weihh.... Cool? :P

LOL. Even Uncle Bertron did this. Amazing dad and daughter. Ehem, nice post yea! HAHAHA!!!

You can see those cloudy weather. Almost rain that day. But thank god, it does not rain. If not, I can't take any pictures! :) Well, the main topic of this picture is the buildings. Very nice huh?

When I use my camera to take picture like this thing. I mean, non-living things. My mum will started to stared at me with those innocent look. -.- Hey, this's is art la, mummy~ >"<~! Anyway, I love this shot! The water reflection was awesome! :)

Kinda looked like mist here? HAHA. Those smoky smoky feel is actually water. It makes those people feel cooler.

This was the shopping mall at Marina Bay Sands. "The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands"~ It was a new mall here, some of the shops were still renovating. Inside all sell branded things. Sigh. No money, no talk. Just go inside there and walk walk~ xD

Took photo with the super tall man! Awesome! Well, I admit I'm short. Hmm, I guess not only me, everyone here! HAHAHA!!

The Casino in Marina Bay Sands. Foreigners are free for the entrance fees. I want enter! I want enter! Yea! I'm foreigners, I can enter.......... next year.. Because I'm still not enough age. -.-

And so, while my auntie went inside there and see. Me and my brother took photo of it. LOL. Better than nothing la, still can see the CASINO word. HAHAHA!!

This was a Wishing Well. Throw a coin and make a wish. May all your dreams come true. Well, I don't know why people still do it although they knew it was impossible. HAHA. Ehem, this include myself.. -.-

There's a small and shallow river inside the shop mall. Hmm, it's almost similar with The Mines.

Well, this was the differences with The Mines mall. The Mines was boat, but for here, this was sampan. $SGD 5 per person. LOL. Damn expensive. I guess the ride was less than 10 minutes! I walk only need 3 minutes. -.-

There was F1 competition in Singapore. And because of this, everywhere also place a F1 car or sport car. o.O!

I LOVE THIS SHOT! Nice one! :)

This's a shop called Banana Republic. I took this picture is because of the newspaper umbrella. Creative! Heehe~ By the way, I don't used umbrella one. LOL~

Bread & Butter. Anyway wanna eat some bread and put on some butter on top of it. HAHAHA! Please don't tell me a YES, because this shop sells clothing, not food. x]

Took another photo with those tall people. This shot make me looks like I'm the shortest people in this world. LOL -.-

This's inside MRT. Ermm, be frank, I prefer MRT more than LRT. Reason? First is because of speed of it. It was way faster. Second is because the air-cond is way cooler than LRT! Taking LRT can sweat! Ishhhh! Sometimes even got no air-cond at all! >"<~!! 

Went to Down Town East Fig & Olive Restaurant. This was our last dinner at Singapore. It was like an Italianese restaurant. Food was nice. They even get award before. Nice! :)

Yea! This was the dinner I ordered- Maninara Pasta. It taste really yummy! See those fresh huge prawns and oyster~ Nyummmy!!! Mouth-watering! 

After that, we had a small walk around there. The swimming pool was above our head.  Can't believe it right? Then we stand there and just watch people pass by the "hole". And I capture this down. By the way, notice something? HAHAHA..xD

A place where people having their BBQ. Nice right?

After walk around, pass by a shop name called SOFT!™~ It was an ice-cream shop. And the ice-cream was real nice! Singapore food also not bad. Heeehe!

This's the ice-cream we ordered. I shared this with my brother. Named- Godzilla Max. The ice-cream was really soft. It contain of Chocolate Fudge, Orep Crumbs, Milo Powder and Fruity Pebbles.. The most important thing is it is not sweet~ And it's SOFT~ $SGD 2.90. 

Fake Mona Lisa a.k.a me. LOL~ I have no idea why my friends like this photo so much. Any special about me here huh?? Hmmmm....

The light outside the building. It was Ferris Wheel effect. Nice huh? Sometimes I really do prefer Singapore more than Malaysia. Hmmmm, maybe because of the environment I guess..

Yea, inside the mall there got a small theme park. Took this, this was a train. Too Too Train... Heeehe :)

Don't ask me why I took this. >"<~! I just like to capture non-living things. I like this shot though.

EZ-Link. 99% of the Singaporean used this card.This card can used to take MRT and take buses. The cheap will be cheaper than those who paid them cash. It was almost similar to Touch & Go. The difference is while using Touch & Go, the rate will be still the same with those who paid cash. =[

Finally, I've finished upload those Singapore trip photos! Well, in my blog, I just upload 20% of the total photos. And I guess it's pretty much enough for me to describe it. Wanna have a more details of those photos, Facebook please. :)

P/S: Gosh, why I got a strange feeling. I felt like I don't understand her. Sigh. What a feeling I have. Moody mood, go away please! Gahhhhhh!!! I don't need you in my life, please dissapear la!!

Moody mood, please go far far away from me!
I don't need you in my life, please dissapear!

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