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Singapore 1 Day Trip

P/S: Sorry for the late post! This post should be done yesterday. But I have no idea why today's internet line was SUCKS. Arghhhhh! Make me can't even upload 1 photo here! Ishhhh! TMNet, we pay for it, what are you doing?! x[

10/10/2010- Singapore 1 Day Trip

Yea, went to Singapore on the last Sunday with my family, it was a 1 day trip this time. Our plan actually wanna depart at 6am. But who knows, everyone slept late. HAHA!! And so, eventually woke up at 6am in the morning and depart at 6:30am. 

Daddy driving. What can I do? Hmmm, yea, sleeping. HAHA!! After 2 hours journey, stop at some resting corner and had our breakfast. Before that, we went to pump our petrol at Petronas Station. My dad use credit card. After pump, then we head to some stalls to eat our breakfast.

Who knows here occur some problem. When we get down from our car, we saw 3 motorcycle appear in front of us. We thought what had happened. The 3 staffs were from the Petronas Station. They said my dad haven't paid yet. We were like WHAT? Credit card approved, and now told us we haven't paid yet?!?! After some discussion, finally settled. Wasted our 30minutes there. LOL~

Had our breakfast. Mummy and daddy ordered Malaysian speciality food, NASI LEMAK. Who knows, it was really special though, got HANGUS smell from the SAMBAL. -.- Gosh. Fine, so my brother and I decided just to eat Maggie as I think this would be the best food over there. LOL.

We asked the food seller: "Kak, tolong bagi 2 Kari Maggie Sup......"

Food seller answered: "Pagi tak de Maggie makan, petang baru ada...... Makan la Nasi Goreng ke, Mee Goreng ke... Masih panas......"

LOL. We were like W H A T? The Maggie packet were just over there. And she told us that. WTH. We should only eat Maggie in the afternoon. Morning eat Maggie was not good for health I guess. -.- Lastly, we decided to eat Meehon Sup. And the taste was SO-SO. Fine, forget about it. First and last!

The Nasi Lemak that my mum forced to finished it. >"<~! "Rice does not taste like rice. Sambal does not taste like sambal." LOL -.-

Because of there's NO MAGGIE in the MORNING and the Nasi Lemak does not taste like Nasi Lemak. So, my brother and I ordered meehon sup. Cost RM3.20 per bowl. NOT NICE AT ALL!!!!! -.-

After that, continue our journey, reached Singapore around 12 noon. Then walk around, Sim Lim Square, OG, Bugis Junction, Orchard Road, Raffles City... 10 years also won't change place. HAHA. Took some pictures, enjoy! :)

Some colourful buildings. Very attractive and colourful! :)

Sim Lim Square. 
The place where sell many electronics compenents. 
It's more likely like Low Yat Plaza.

No comment about the breakfast. Well, just forget about it.
And so, we had our lunch here- Famous Pontian Wantan Mee.
Queue for around 15 minutes. Food in Singapore really expensive.
Cost $SGD15 = RM36 just for Wantan Mee and Fried Wantan!

My dad and I ordered Wantan Noodles. Yummy! :) 
-$SGD 3 per bowl-

The Wantan for the Wantan Mee. Delicious! :)

The Fried Wantan we ordered. Crispy and nice! 
Kinda different compared with Malaysia though. :)
-$SGD 3-

The sauces for the Fried Wantan.
Chili and Mayonnaise. :)
-$SGD 3-

Wantan Soup that my brother and mum ordered. Taste not bad too.
-$SGD 3 per bowl-

After finished our lunch, went to OG for shopping. 
Hats, nothing related with OG, just took for fun.

Toys? Yes, it is. Don't ask me why I took this. x]
Don't you feel it's CUTE? Heee! ♥~

One big happy family! :)
I want this set long time ago... 
But it was really expensive. Just can SEE. T_T~

C U T E!!!
I want!! Who can buy for me??? x]

3 CUTE little panda. ♥~
My mum say me look like panda though. Black eyes circle. T_T!!

POOH. Raeshyl favourite! :)

The TRAIN. :)

Bought 1 new water bottle at Singapore. 
There are various type of colours here. 
Nice? :)

This is the bottle I bought. It was PURPLE colour.
But my friends say it was BLUE. Then we start an "argument" with my photo in FB.
Well, maybe is the light effect. Ermmmm.... 
Conclusion? Yea, I lose already. LOL. -.-

Bugis Street. Here looks alike Petaling Street.

Tako-Pachi. Sounds like [大哥-白痴]~ -.-

In Malaysia also got sell this. Copy from Singapore one. O.o!!
$SGD 2 per packet.

Ehem. I took this inside toilet. Shhhh.
Paiseh... >"<~!!

Bugis Junction. As I said, Singapore really loves to used fountain as a decorative.
Children will always play around. :)

 Very nice design! :)

Colourful blocks!

It was the library. Nice yea! ^^!!
See the upper right effect? Looks like sunlight effect right?
Actually, it was not. It was my finger print there. LOL -.-

The water and stone that I took when I pass by. :)

Raffles City

The fountain. :)

I found this quite funny. 
Left- Yiiii, I'm shy~
Middle- We're sweet couple~ Heee...♥~
Right- I'm hungry. Lazy to do anything~ HAHA!!

Some building that I took. :)

Malabar Street.

Iluma Shopping complex. It was really nice one! :)

The place where we had our dinner. 
It was Indonesia food. Taste not bad though. :)

This is Ice-Lemon tea. It was included with the set rice we ordered.

 The Agar-Agar, $SGD 0.70 per piece~

The Nasi Lemak that my bro and dad ordered. Taste Okay~ 
But we're not used to it because of the Sambal. 
Indonesia Sambal taste kinda weird~ o.O!!
$SGD 5 per plate + the Ice-Lemon Tea~

The Nasi Goreng that I ordered. I like this!
It taste realy nice! :)
$SGD 6 per plate + the Ice-Lemon Tea.
This is the light effect from the upper wall.
Nice right?

 Another light effect!
-Purplish, blueish, pinkish, greenish, reddish- 
I like this the most! :)

Yellowish, blueish, purplish...

On the way back at OG, we bought this.
Yea, it was for washing clothes.
It was kinda like Magic when we see the demostaration by the guy.
This is me.
Nothing to do while on the way back to the car park.
Took this inside the lift.

While on the way back, we met a terrible and horrible traffic jam! WTH. Leave Singapore at 7pm and we supposed to reached home around 11pm. But who knows, traffic jam like nobody business. Cars don't even move. Jam for 1 hours+ at PLUS highway.

After that, my dad decided to used the old road. Reached home around 1am. >"<~! And thank god we changed! If we continue our journey using PLUS highway, I guess 3am we also can't reached home. Sigh. Anyway, I do enjoy my trip! :)
Click below for more information about the accident!

** R.I.P. May god bless them and their families. Please drive safely everyone.   
Drive slowly and safely can save our lifes.
Although it was a tiring trip but I do enjoy my Singapore trip. :)

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