Saturday, October 9, 2010

Morning Jog

Yesterday. Just out of the blue, I feel like wanna morning jog. Yea, I woke up at 7am yesterday for morning jog. W O W! Even myself can't believe it. Usually I will slept until 11am or 12pm. HAHAHA!! Such a pig eh? x]

I set my alarm the day before. And when the alarm rang, I was like.... Urghh, lazy to wake up. Feel like wanna hide inside my warm blanket and lovely bed for more some moment.... Then I set my alram to snooze, fall asleep again, then the alram rang again. Seriously, don't feel like wanna wake up at all, but at last, I force myself to woke up. *Thumbs up* :)

It was a cloudy and windy morning. The cool and fresh wind blow towards me and make me feel energetic. And so, it motivates me to jog. Jog around my house hill area. I bring along my handfree while jogging. What a lovely morning. Listening to those music then snap some pictures around. Heeehe :)

Jog for around an hour. Not a bad start yea? Heeehe... Gonna jog again next week! Hopefully I won't become lazy. >"<~! Tomorrow going to Singapore again. Yay, shopping day. :)

Took a few photos while I'm jogging. Pictures quality was just SO-SO. Ehem, bad phone quality. You won't think that I'm bring my camera while jogging right? LOL. If it was real, that's not called jogging, it will be then photo session. HAHA. Enjoy. :)

Exercise is good for heath.
And we should do it more often. :)

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