Thursday, October 7, 2010

公主嫁到 Can't Buy Me Love

Wanna recommend everyone to watch this drama- 公主嫁到 [Can't Buy Me Love]. This a Hong Kong Drama. This drama really nice! Some part of it was really funny and some part of it was touching. You really can laugh till you can't breath some time. At the same time, it do also show those touching scenery.

Princess Chiu Yeung- 昭阳公主 (Charmaine Sheh) and Kam Dor Luk- 金多禄 (陈豪 Moses Chan). Reluctant to marry into the Tibetan royal family, the wilful Princess Chiu Yeung has to find herself a husband as soon as possible.

Not wanting his brother to sacrifice for the family, Dor Luk offers to marry the Princess himself. At first, both of them don't love each other at all. They just like cats and dogs. Quarelling all the time. But at last, they fall in love with each other. Awww, finally 有情人总成眷属! :)

Ting Loi Hei- 丁来喜 (Susanna Kwan 关菊英). She's the owner of a gold store who suffered from a financial crisis at that time. She recommended her second and third sons, Kam Dor Luk and Kam Dor Shau- 金多寿 (Wong Ho Yin 黄浩然) to the princess as she hoping that the royal marriage would bring them out of financial crisis and somehow save their family business.

She's a strong woman in the family. Always give people good advice. She did not even ask for repay although she sacrifice for the family so much! We really need to learn a lot from her. :)

Ng Sei Tak-吴四德 (Linda Chung 钟嘉欣) and Kam Dor Shau- 金多寿 (Wong Ho Yin 黄浩然). Both of them love each other. Everytime once they wanna together, surely something bad will happened to them. Anyway, lastly they still together! :)

Yuen Siew Yoke- 阮小玉 (Lee Shi Yuen 李诗韵) and Kam Dor Fuk- 金多福 (Yuen Siu Siang 阮兆祥). Sometimes I really dislike Siew Yoke because of her greediness and selfishness. She won't sacrifice a bit for the family, just want to get all those advantages. Dor Fuk as her husband also kinda useless at some time. He blame everyones although it was all his faults! Many people helps him out but yet, he didn't appreciate at all.

Anyway, no ones is perfect in this world. Learn from the mistakes! At last, he changed his attitude. Forgive and forget is the things we should learn! Yea~ 

Sze-Toh Ngan Ping- 司徒银屏 (Fala Chen 陈法拉). She was The Princess handmaide. She protect the princess with all her heart. At last, she fall in love with Ting Yau Wai- 丁有维 (Ma Kwok Ming 马国明)
Wai Guai Fei- 韦贵妃 (Wai Ying Hong 惠英红). Oh god! I guess everyone who watched this drama hates her so much! Yes, as so as me too! She was so wicked. 1 word to describe her, 奸到出汁! Really feel like wanna slap her laa! >"<~!

She jealous Princess Yeung because the Emperor Tai Zong loves his daughter more than her. She tried many times to kill Yeung's but at last, somehow she failed. Almost the last episode, her plan failed, and she killed herself. 

I just briefly write some of it here only. For those who watched, I bet you guys enjoy it so much. And for those who haven't watch this, faster go for it! It's really nice! For more information about this drama, Please click here!

金家精神,坚毅过人~ 金家精神,勇猛过人~
金家精神,出色过人~ 金家精神,十分齐心~

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